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The heaviest toll that college takes is anxiety. You would think that after the admission and all the uncertainty, your worries are finally over, but they only begin! Now suspense accompanies almost every assignment. "How did I do? Was it any good? Have I missed anything? I wish someone could rate my college essay before my instructor sees what a mess I turned in."

Don't panic! First of all, you are in college to learn, not to demonstrate your brilliance unceasingly. You don't have to be embarrassed if you still have some way to go learning things. However, getting assessed and graded is always stressful, especially if the subject is important for you. What if you could get expert feedback that allows you to improve your paper and reduce your anxiety?

PaperHelp has a service just for you – "Rate my essay online!" Call it an assessment rehearsal, if you will. You submit your paper, we proofread it and get it back to you – edited and complete with comments. You get actionable tips on what you could do better and where the main problem undermining your writing success lies.

Kill two birds with one stone: improve your paper before it is too late and boost your confidence. Order paper rating!


Why Turn to PaperHelp If a Classmate Can Rate My Paper Free?

This is a legitimate concern. "Why pay if anyone I know can rate my paper free?" Here is why:

  • Unparalleled expertise

We offer professional online writing help. We work with people who have qualifications and experience in Academia. Your peer's feedback is valuable, but nothing can beat years of practice.

  • Constructive feedback

We don't just say: "This bit just doesn't seem right." We tell you exactly why some phrasing is unfortunately chosen and how you can substitute it to make your paper stronger.

  • Positive reinforcement

When all you get is comments on what you did wrong, it isn't very motivating. We make sure to point out the strength of your writing so you could keep up the good job!

  • Absolute anonymity

Sometimes asking someone who knows you for feedback is even more awkward than being formally graded. We protect your privacy and give our frank and unbiased opinion.

  • Affordable prices

Yes, it's not free, but it's very reasonable – certainly cheaper than tutoring. It allows you to get professional advice at a bargain price.

  • Added confidence

When you know that your paper was assessed and improved by a professional, you feel more confident about your skills, and submitting papers becomes less stressful.

Who Will Rate My Essay?

You will be assigned a suitable editor based on the academic level and subject area you have indicated in the Paper Feedback Form. However, you can also choose a category of your editor. There are three:

  1. Basic Editor (assigned by default) is a standard editor with adequate qualifications to handle your order.
  2. Advanced Editor (assigned at a fee) is an experienced editor with a high satisfaction rate based on customer feedback.
  3. Expert Editor (assigned at a fee) is a specialist with the highest rating based on our customers' feedback and excellent expertise in a chosen subject area.

You can also get a second opinion. Order two versions of your paper enhanced by two different editors with 30% off the second one and all the added extras!

Hurry up! Advanced and Expert Editors get engagements at a faster rate. Check if there are any available now!


Can You Rate My Paper for Plagiarism?

A plagiarism check is a standard procedure that we apply to any paper we deliver. There is no need to specify "Rate my paper for plagiarism" in the "Assessment Details" field additionally. We will let you know if there is any plagiarism in your paper, cite the sources, and give you qualified advice on quoting sources properly to avoid this in the future.

However, if you need to see the statistics, you can order a Plagiarism Report as an extra service. This will show you what overall percentage of unoriginal content your paper contains, what passages are detected as plagiarized, etc. – all the details.

I Want You to Rate My College Essay. What Do I Do?

Fill out the Paper Feedback Form.

Give us the necessary information: academic level, length, and the type of paper you need us to assess. Next, indicate the subject area (for us to get you a knowledgeable editor) and add any specifications in the "Assessment Details" field. For example, "Rate my essay paper using the rubric I attach." Then we will make sure to rate how well your paper follows the assignment requirements.


Deposit the payment.

After you've given us all instructions, chosen your editor category and any extra services you've found useful, apply any promo codes you have. Then, proceed to payment using one of the safe options we offer. We work only with verified payment providers that guarantee the highest standards of security.


Get your paper with feedback!

Upon making the payment, you get access to the Control Panel, where you can watch your order's progress. When it's complete, you will see your paper available for download. You will get edited, enhanced, and accurately formatted text with comments. Plus, an additional page with notes on the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, grammar and syntax tips, and general advice on improving your work.


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee you any specific grade. Our assessment serves to inform you about the levels of achievement you demonstrate in your writing and areas of improvement in a paper you submit to us. You won't be given any letter grade or numeric score – only corrections, comments, and suggestions on enhancing your essay and getting chances of a better grade.

Ready to learn and improve? Let us rate your paper!


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